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What the judge said about Eyes & Optics

“Ray Bradbury once wrote, “Love what you do and do what you love. Don’t listen to anyone else who tells you not to do it … Imagination should be the center of your life.” I suspect he may have written this after he met Dr. Malik.”

Robert Bell

“Very brave eclectic mix in decor. Who would think of putting together a neon Ray-Ban sign, concert posters and Magritte’s Le Faux Miroir? But it works wonderfully and achieves a Vegas look from inside and out.”

— Onega Astaltsova

Voted by Invision Magazine - America's Top Five Finest Optical Retailer 2015

He’s in a brand-new building in the high-toned Downtown Summerlin development southwest of the Strip, but Dr. Ed Malik wanted to give the space a lived-in vibe that is uniquely Las Vegas. “The concept was this,” he says. “A bank was here 50 years until government regulation caused it to fail. Then a few hipsters opened a nightclub, until it went bankrupt like they all do.” Then Malik swept in to open “an ultra-lounge” showcasing eyewear creators “who put their heart and soul into their lines.”

Malik has been practicing retail-savvy optometry for 30 years, with previous projects including Oculus at Caesar’s Palace and a sunwear shop on the Strip. He also has another Eyes & Optics on Rainbow Road. But the new location is built for comfort, both Malik’s and his guests. “I spend a major portion of my life in this space,” he says. “My patients have become friends and I want them to want to visit. I want them to wake up and think, ‘Cool, I get to go shopping for some groovy glasses,’ not ‘I have to go to the doctor today.’” (To which judge Robert Bell replies, “Standing ovation, doctor.”)

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  • Wellness eye exams
  • Diabetic screening and medical eye care
  • LASIK and refractive surgery consulting
  • Advanced computerized eye exams provide comfortable, drop-free, touch-free, stress-free exams
  • Optomap Retinal Imaging
  • On site optical laboratory
  • Specialty contact lenses, bifocals, astigmatism, dry eye
  • Restasis therapy
  • Latisse therapy
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“I have been going to Eyes and Optics since I needed glasses over 20 years ago.  Since the new rage is the old school 60’s Birth control glasses I am happy to have been a trend setter for over 2 decades:) The difference with the ones I wear is that Eyes and Optics has the coolest selection of frames in the Valley. So I can find hipster glasses, nerdy glasses or super professional looking ones. Looking at my profile picture you can tell what I picked to wear daily.”

— Mike B, Las Vegas, NV

“Amazing service, very professional and friendly. The price is reasonable for both product quality and service.”

— Nguyen C, Las Vegas, NV

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Downtown Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV

For over 27 years, E&O has been the first place to shop for hottest eyewear and sunglasses. Our new location at DOWNTOWN SUMMERLIN has been named TOP 5 in America’s Finest Optical Retailers 2015 by Invision Magazine. Dr. Malik is listed as one of the top 25 Optometrists this year by The American Society of Health Care Providers. Executive level care available by appointment. We are accepting a limited number of new patients.