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Dr. Edward Joseph Malik, O.D.

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Edward J Malik, O.D.

Dr. Edward Malik established E&O in 1988 with the mission to bring Las Vegas a big city, hip optical shop featuring the work of the leading independent designers and hottest up and comers. It was the first of its type in the city and is the first place to shop glasses and sunglasses, featured in “Exclusively Las Vegas”, “Item Magazine”, “Vegas”, “944”, and “Best Places to Shop”.  In 1998, Malik designed Oculus in Appian Way Shops for Caesars Palace.

Malik, originally from Boston, spent years working in the best shops on the West Coast, where he developed a serious interest in eyeglass design.  “ Eyeglasses are the perfect product for me to work with”, said Malik in a “Vision Monday” interview.  “Eyeglasses combine the best of my interests in physics and medicine, but also in history, music and art.  Eyeglasses define character and alter perception.  They are part of the culture.”

As a kid in Boston, Malik studied drums with Don Carr, learned stage design and lighting from Fr. Frank Tosti, built a radio station in his yard, and became a technical director at a TV station.  At various times, he has been a writer, rock critic, jazz dj, producer, and drummer for the past decade with critically acclaimed jam band, the Melancholics.  He holds a Doctorate in Optometry and a Bachelor of Science in Visual Psychophysics from the Southern California College of Optometry, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UNLV.  He is listed in “America’s Top Optometrists”.

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